At Staccato, we are family. Storm grew up on film sets, with Emjay and Marion as parents. Mardou and Harris are part of that family. Many of those we filmed with since 1989 became dear friends and part of our extended family.


Staccato Films was founded in 1989 by Bastiaan Anink, Herman Pohle and Emjay Rechsteiner in Amsterdam, soon joined by Karen Jaroneski and Walter Martyn Cabell out of New York. Associates over the years include Niels Bourgonje, Aydin Dehzad, Alexandra Lodewijkx and  Petra van der Meulen. Started as a co-operative, Staccato was incorporated in 1991 as a group of three private limited liability companies under Dutch law with Drs M.J. (Emjay) Rechsteiner as CEO.

Our team

Emjay Rechsteiner


(co)produced over 20 feature films. Emjay went to film school in New York and holds degrees in History and Communications from the University of Amsterdam. He obtained the International Diploma of Advertising and attended EAVE, the Media Business School and Binger Film institute. Rechsteiner presided over the jury of The Netherlands Film Festival, acted as Dean of the Amsterdam Film School and as curator (EYE Filmmuseum, Royal Netherlands Navy Museum)


Storm Rechsteiner


Arranges a wide array of set services: from camera and data management to security crews, production assistants, location management, truck- and VIP drivers. Storm graduated from the Netherlands Film Academy with a fiction short in 2023 and is currently nominated for the young producers award by the Netherlands Producers Alliance.


Marion Slewe

co producer

Partner in Staccato Films, next to her work as senior producer for the Netherlands Film Academy where she has been on staff for over 30 years, handling external relations, broadcasters and film festivals.


Mardou Jacobs

producer / line producer

Decades of experience producing and line producing large fiction films, documentaries, corporate videos and television. She is also managing director of the Netherlands Association of Film and TV Professionals. Mardou and Emjay first collaborated in 1999, on Carice van Houten’s debut ‘Suzy Q’. In 2021 Staccato and Mardou’s No Fear Foundation came to a structural co-operation. Combined, No Fear and Staccato made > 100 productions.


Harris E. Tulchin, Esq

entertainment attorney

A veteran entertainment attorney with extensive background and experience in all phases of feature film, television and multimedia development, financing, production and distribution. He brings a world of studio and private practice experience with clients including Sony, MCA Universal, Showtime, HBO, Summit Entertainment. Additionally, Harris Tulchin served as executive producer of several feature films, including THE DEVIL’S DOUBLE. Harris Tulchin & Associates is located in Santa Monica (CA) with offices in Rome and Paris.

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